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Alexandra Group Medical Practice

Glodwick Primary Care Centre

137 Glodwick Road



Telephone number: 0161 622 9210

Fax: 0161 622 9211

New: Care Data Extraction Service

The Department of Health has set up a new data extraction service of all our practice patients' medical records. The data extracted will include all your medical conditions, medications, hospital referrals, your date of birth, your NHS number and your gender. Legislation has been passed that means that your consent is not required before the data is extracted. This data can be used by any organisation that wishes to purchase it. The practice cannot stop this extraction, however, you can if you wish choose to opt out of this Care Data Extraction scheme. Opt out forms are available from Reception. Further details of the scheme can be seen at www.hscic.gov.uk on the web. You can access this web address from the right-hand menu on this page.

The Alexandra Group Medical Practice is a long established family practice based in modern premises.
Our aim is to deliver consistent, high quality health care in partnership with our patients by having an effective and supportive team who are committed to working together for continued improvement.

At the Alexandra surgery, reserved car parking spaces for the disabled are marked out near the left hand side entrance (as viewed from the front of the building). There is adequate wheelchair access to the building. There are WCs for disabled patients provided on both the ground and first floors. A lift is available. If access proves difficult to any of our disabled patients we would be happy to consider any suggestions for improvement.

The Alexandra Practice now has it's own Patient Participation Group which is looking to recruit more members.

If you want details about the participation group or wish to join please contact reception on 0161 622 9210.

If you wish to subscribe i.e. sign up to receive alerts that notify you to the fact that either the Practice Survey Report has been updated or the latest Patient Participation Group meeting minutes are now available then please click this link Subscribe to alerts

This page was last updated on 7/4/2014

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